The Fender Eric Clapton “Brownie” Tribute Stratocaster : Presented By Guitar Center

The Fender Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton shares his story about “Brownie” or best known as the “Layla Stratocaster”- the first Stratocaster ever owned by Clapton. In collaboration with Eric Clapton, Guitar Center and…
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19 thoughts on “The Fender Eric Clapton “Brownie” Tribute Stratocaster : Presented By Guitar Center

  1. Saw him review his old Les Paul and now this. Man, you can see his love
    for the Start and you can surely hear it. I own a Strat and a Les Paul and
    I must say getting a good blues tone out of a Strat is effortless. Doing
    so out of my Les Paul takes a bit more finesse. Also, the Strat has
    several sounds you get with the flick of a toggle, almost all just
    wonderful. Not slammin the Paul, again I own one, but the Strat and blues
    just seem to be a natural pairing, at least for me.

  2. I like and own many guitars, but the Fender Stratocaster is and will always
    be my very favorite. It is still so popular with so many because it was the
    first electric guitar that was designed based totally on the input and
    needs of touring musicians. Thanks Leo Fender for caring about what we
    think. By the way. Old guys use picks. They can play with or without one.
    Sometimes a pick is great, and sometimes they just get in the way. 

  3. Legendary guitar player? Pfft! Are you kidding me? He plays so slow and
    that thing he’s playing has an action on it like a ukulele. Any modern
    shredder would eat him alive. He doesn’t even have a Floyd Rose on that,
    how does he stay in tune for longer than, like, a second? What a joke.
    Buy Ibanez fellas.

  4. Dear George

    With all respect
    You no nothing about music
    And you dont nothing about playing with felling
    Clapton is one of best guitar players of all time
    He has a notion of time unbeliavable
    I change you to play like him on time
    Just to know
    Eric clapton was the only guitar player thats influenced eddie van halen if
    that can tell you something
    Good bless you

  5. I have this same problem, every time I sit in my chair to play my Tele the
    damn photographers, reporters and paparazzi are always hassling me ; )

    Once upon a time in London, it wasn’t unusual to see graffiti everywhere
    that said: “Clapton is God!”

  6. If you have never really paid attention to Eric when he speaks, but only
    when he plays, you are missing out on THE MAN, HIMSELF. He is the human map
    of rock and blues guitar.

  7. Wtf George London are you retarded every shredder will undoubtedly site
    Clapton as an influence,you need to take your comments put them in an
    envelope and send them to someone who gives a fuck along with your guitar.

  8. If you want to see “Brownie” it is in a glass case at the Experience Music
    Project in Seattle, just a ways down from the Woodstock Strat and the Vince
    Lombardi Trophy 2014.

  9. He has always been one of my favourite guitarists since I was a kid, but
    for some reason he always looks like he should be a science teacher not an
    insane guitarist. Guess he just doesnt have that arrogance or “swagger”
    that 90% of guitarists do.

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