Richard Bona’s new Bass: De Gier BeBop, part 1

Richard Bona's new Bass: De Gier BeBop, part 1 Watch Richard Bona playing his new De Gier BeBop. Check the other Bona-BeBop video’s too! For more info on the bass, visit our w…
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13 thoughts on “Richard Bona’s new Bass: De Gier BeBop, part 1

  1. A lot of truth in that, I teach bass, and sometimes your fingers (RH) can be the limitation… but techniques can be observed and learned, if you put the time in. No substitute for practice, and quality time studying.

  2. Can i find somwhere studio record “Lese Pale” by Richard? He played it at master-class in Moscow, it was great to. Thank you, Thomas

  3. “Lese Pale” from Mario Canonge (great piano player) and Ralph Tamar (great singer, both from Martinique (West Indies). It’s a Mazurka (traditional rhythm from West Indies) with the fantastic Fanfan brothers on bass and drums on the original version.

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