Review Epiphone EJ200 Acoustic Guitar

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25 thoughts on “Review Epiphone EJ200 Acoustic Guitar

  1. Around $3000. With standing a few notable exceptions, Epiphone guitars are
    the affordable version of Gibsons.

  2. I started to say that if you think that’s how a cock is shaped you should
    see a doctor, but after re-examination I see your tip, er, point. Sorry
    ’bout the empty can sound, that’s my fault. Next step up in video mics is
    NOT in the budget right now and so far I’d rather not block the veiw of the
    guitar with one of my audio mics. You might have another… er, point.

  3. Only if you’re on the basketball team! It’s pretty large. Have you looked
    at a Luna Dolfin? Look in the description for a link.

  4. I’m probaly going to buy the “Ibanez Artwood AC240 OPN” It looks pretty
    cool and i think that it also sounds good” it has no preamp tho’ :(

  5. Hi, i’m planning to buy this guitar. I must say it looks beautiful, but i’m
    14 years old so will the size of it fit me? And also is it a good guitar i
    don’t want to buy something that’s not as good as i expected. Thanks!

  6. hey man i talked to you a while back about the fender t bucket… i know i
    said i was a fender nut but i heard news about a new epiphone hummingbird
    electro acoustic guitar thats coming out next month… you mind doing a
    review cause this may just be what i’m looking for

  7. You have a catalan subscriptor now. Last friday i went to a Elvis´s
    imitator gig. And the Elvis´s guitar was this. Sounded right plugged. But,
    was in a little cafe, he plays unplugged before gig, and i love the sound
    of this guitar. That’s why i came here, looking for listen this guitar
    acoustically. I´m going to snoop for your chanel right now! Greetings!

  8. i think the bridge is ugly… but other than that it seems to be a cool
    guitar. but i think i’ll spend a little more and get the prs se angelus.

  9. Why do some of these models have a special cut away at the end of the neck
    and others just have a straight cut?

  10. Ok, friend, i´ll see a doctor right now! Sorry was only a musician joke. I
    forgot to say that the review, if don’t pay attention in this tiny detail
    about sound, is very well done! Best regards from Barcelona, and sorrly for
    my horrible english!

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