LA Vintage Guitar Show 2013 – Norman’s Rare Guitars

Norm goes to the Vintage Guitar Show!

Après les VOX Teardrop et Phantom voici les modèles APACHE 1 et APACHE 2. Découvrez en image les nouvelles guitares vintage – moderne de la célèbre marque d’…
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25 thoughts on “LA Vintage Guitar Show 2013 – Norman’s Rare Guitars

  1. I’ve heard of Norman’s, although I haven’t been there yet. My only issue
    with some shops like that is they pay YOU nothing for your treasured
    guitar, and then you find out later they sold it for thousands. I liked it
    better in the old days, when they would sell it for you and just take a 20%

    I understand why the pros shop there – they can afford it and when you can
    afford the best, why shouldn’t you? It’s the tools of your trade, and when
    you do something for a living, you should always get the best tools you can

  2. I’ve known Norman since he first came to California years ago. Of course
    all of these videos bring all the memories back as I now live on the East
    Coast in Maine. IMHO Norman IS a really good guy……… simply is a
    matter of if you have the $$$$$ when you go into his shop really.
    Actually the incredibly cool guitars are not even seen at his shop. If you
    are in the rhealm (sp?) of the super connected and/or super wealthy his
    secret super super super stash is held at at a different location that is
    never disclosed to mortals like us. No it is NOT the secret stash that is
    listed on his website. Is it fair? In the world of the Hollywood elite I
    guess one could say that it is fair. And this is coming from somebody who
    lived in California for years and years and years and
    years…………..WHICH IS WHY I don’t live there anymore………….if
    you do give Norman a call and tell him ‘ hey you don’t know me but I have
    this amount of $$$$$$ CASH right now AND I want this particular guitar he
    most likely does have it however YOU have to tell him that you HAVE the
    $$$$$ right at the moment you call him………..Norman IS honest however
    he is from Florida originally, had ALOT of bucks in the beginning from
    family money HOWEVER he IS a good guy to deal with IF and I SAY IF YOU HAVE
    THE $$$$$ as simple as that…………..jim in Maine

  3. at 3:02 he says he doesn’t buy something and pass it off as something else.
    I certainly hope not because that is the definition of fraud!

  4. I wish I was one of those lucky kids who got to inherit a ’59 or ’60
    sunburst Les Paul, or a Hummingbird, maybe a 50’s Telecaster, but, I’m not
    that fortunate. I’m 16 and the only musician in my family

  5. Norm, I love seeing the great guitars in your shop, but I REALLY love seein
    vids of you in the field scoping guitars. It’s so great to see how a pro
    like yourself picks out the cream of the crop. Keep the good stuff comin
    sir. -Your fan in Canada

  6. Probably one of the best reasons to buy from Norm vs going straight to the
    guitar shows is that with Norm you will get a genuine product (1:55 – 3:09)
    instead of taking the chance at a guitar show (unless of course you know
    and trust the seller already). Not to mention, just visiting his store and
    chatting with Norm and his staff. If the pro’s go to him, that says enough.

  7. Norm, absolutely LOVE the videos you do of your work at the Vintage Guitar
    shows throughout the country!! You’re a class act, legend, and the best
    guitar scholar!

  8. you guys in the u.s are really lucky you can just go to a show like this
    and find all these old guitars there to buy!

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