Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen / Jeff Buckley – Guitar Lesson

A guitar lesson of my interpretation of Hallelujah influenced by Leonard Coen & Jeff Buckley etc. You can access a tab with an alternate open chord for the F…

25 thoughts on “Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen / Jeff Buckley – Guitar Lesson

  1. Hello from Russia, Alan. Man, what you do – it’s incredible! This is one of
    my favorite songs. Спасибо больше:)

  2. awesome. Just learned this today and kinda hard to not get choked up mid
    way. I’m used to strumming so the picking
    (I thought) would be a challenge however not doin too bad with it. After
    playin a few times today, thought I’d check for ways to play and found
    you!! Your tutorial is of great help, especially when ya slow mo it. . Plus
    we got the same guitar.. Thank you n God Bless

  3. You should try to talk and explain aswell. Because sometimes i find it hard
    to learn just by watching :-) But Great video!

  4. wow! i just learnt this today and somehow managed to get it after quite a
    few tries. its the first time i have done finger picking but surprisingly
    got it right….eventually!!!

  5. Hello from Russia! This is my favorite song and you sang it perfectly! P.s
    Спасибо большое .

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