Guitare Village démo Gibson ES345 63 Julien “Beurks” Bitoun Guitare Village Loïc “Goulven” Caradec

Guitare Village démo Gibson ES345 63 Julien

Démonstration Gibson ES 345 1963 en vente à Guitare Village et ampli Bonefish Présentation : Julien ” Beurks” Bitoun Réalisation, technique, production : Roc…

Is the tone difference between a Les Paul and SG big or small? Ensure you listen in 720pHD. Gibson Les Paul Traditional vs Gibson SG Standard Limited. Both g…
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30 thoughts on “Guitare Village démo Gibson ES345 63 Julien “Beurks” Bitoun Guitare Village Loïc “Goulven” Caradec

  1. Il y avait bien longtemps que je n’avais pas autant ri. Oups, désolé, je me
    suis trompé de commentaire… Ta vanne n’étant super pas drôle.

  2. I have owned several of each. SG’s are the gain monsters of rock but Les
    Paul’s are more versatile and can sound better for genres like jazz. There
    is lots of sound overlap between the two guitars with a bit of EQ tweaking
    so neither is the wrong choice. I have given up trying to decide which I
    like most.

  3. Thank you so much for this video :) as far as I can see SG has more
    stratish sound than a les paul, it’s quite thinner sound.. I don’t know
    what would be the difference regarding sustain

  4. Very good, but you didnt say what pick ups were in each? Classic 57’s?
    Burstbucker pros? 490? 496? 498? 500? This is more a comparison of the pick
    ups used rather than the difference between an SG or Les Paul… Shape or
    type of woods has no affect on the tone of an electric guitar. Magnet v
    steel strings… 

  5. LP won sample 1 one hands down. With the other samples the tones were
    either virtually indistinguishable or, where they were not, the SG sounded
    better to my ear. That said, both are killer tone machines.

  6. I think the SG sound a little muddy comparatively speaking. Nice playing,
    you must put a lot of time into your craft. I will give it another listen.

  7. I own a 68 SG standard and a Custom Shop Les Paul. I love both but prefer
    the Les Paul. The frets on my SG are filed down so it’s almost like
    playing a fretless and it’s the fastest action I have ever seen on any
    guitar. But the LP has the better tone.

  8. I’ve often wondered about this kind of comparison.
    I have both types of guitars but, my SG has P90’s so there is no comparison.
    Les Paul to my ears sounds slightly more complex and brighter. I’m
    wondering if EQ could get an SG with Humbuckers closer to the Les Paul? 

  9. I could tell the difference some times but not others. Some settings they
    seemed identical and others you could hear a difference between the two. I
    was surprised to find the SG chimier clean than the LP, but in general I
    was surprised the SG didn’t sound obviously hotter to me. I expected those
    SG pickups to have more to them. I suspect the recording had some
    compression of it’s own that may have affected the levels robbing my
    perception of that part of it… Overall they do sound very similar. I am
    a Les Paul guy, but am very fond of an Allman Brothers SG sound too. I have
    an SG copy (Vintage VS6) I use for slide… The Wilkinson pickups; Trev
    Wilkinson was a friend and was mentored by Seth Lover for many years, are
    super hot and he leaves the neck position unpotted purposely to get more
    bite & output out of it and it will squeal like a pig, so you have to walk
    a tightrope with it…

    Great vid!

  10. on second thought,the sg seems to be a bit quieter and less warmth during
    the clean test of the first song,like the volume was rolled back?les paul
    is slightly brighter definetly

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