Grand Prix de Guitare de Montréal 2009 – Ewan Dobson

Grand Prix de Guitare de Montréal 2009. Premier prix Guitare acoustique : Ewan Dobson.

23 thoughts on “Grand Prix de Guitare de Montréal 2009 – Ewan Dobson

  1. And since then, he was known to dress for other operations. I can just
    imagine it: Ewan Dobson standing in the middle of a street as insurgents
    surround him; he turns up his amp and proceeds to blow their minds into
    retreat with the pure awesomeness of his musical skill.

  2. He wears different outfits, starting with Martial arts master, ending with
    these kind of camouflage outfits. I guess just to be different, to be
    interesting, so that people would ask and be interested in it :) Like a
    unique style.

  3. @Adreizehn there once was a guy called Antoine Dodson, Waldo tried to rape
    his sister. Now Antoine hired Ewan Dobson to telepathically kill the rapist
    with awesome soundwaves. He dressed for the occasion!

  4. @clevelandtyler2 but the comment was about him forming a band.. then i said
    he doesnt work good with groups beacuse he is his own band, did you read my
    comment at all?

  5. Just wow. See that is beyond the skills of any metal guitar player ever.
    Individual string plucking/picking that is faster than shredding; on a
    steel string acoustic; not some slinky string ergonomic $2000 electric or
    something. He’s got to be bored by now. He’s done elevated mastering the
    guitar to heights I never imagined possible. He needs a new instrument; I’d
    like to see him invent one; like flip a piano sideways and play it with
    drum sticks or something. How can you compete with that?

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