Ewan Dobson – Time 2 – Guitar – www.candyrat.com

CD & Guitar Tabs available at http://www.candyrat.com Also available on itunes and amazon Visit Ewan Dobson at http://www.facebook.com/ewandobsonfanpage On-l…

23 thoughts on “Ewan Dobson – Time 2 – Guitar – www.candyrat.com

  1. ha! ha! 15 million hits and rising Ewan you mad bastard!! fucking love this
    piece of music! you deserve all you get my friend! great music , great
    skill, great scence of humor! i bet when you were young you would have
    never thought that you would be dressed as raiden for your biggest vid???
    bravo man!

  2. Holy shit 14 million hits! NICE, last time I was here there was hardly any.
    I knew bookmarks were good for something.

  3. +scorpserpent Well get used to it, the genre of music is Trance.
    If not, it’s not that hard to decode, especially if you’ve listened to
    Trance a lot.

  4. just decoded this by ear. Thanks for the delay. made it a reaaaaal pain to
    listen to. It’s not as difficult as it sounds just needs getting used to
    when alternating between the 6th and 4th string for the bass notes

  5. I play a guitar with 5 buttons. This lamp has a guitar with 6 strings.
    Amazingly it can play better than me!

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