Epiphone Swingster Guitar Demo – Nevada Music UK

http://www.nevadamusic.co.uk/Guitars/Electric-Guitars/Electric-Guitars/sc1437/p9119.aspx The Epiphone Emperor Swingster features arch-top jazz guitar styling…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Epiphone Swingster Guitar Demo – Nevada Music UK

  1. A scratch plate would complete the look of it. Nice enough guitar and i
    like Epiphone. After i purchase the 336 i may get the swingster. Gretsch
    have some nice designs too.

  2. Great demo. You get some sweet tones (clean and overdriven) out of this
    swingster and you demonstrated a good range of playing styles that this
    guitar would be suited to- so much more interesting to listen to than the
    official Epiphone demo. You sold me- Well done

  3. Yes I have one, been playing Fenders & Gibsons since ’74 and bought one
    last year: the Epi Swingster was one of the best musical buys I’ve ever

  4. the gretsch at this price range have awful pickups and they are not as
    adjustable..i specifically remember buying a 5120 and the bridge pickup
    couldn’t go as high as needed.. this one has far superior pickups and the
    quality of build is excellent..

  5. @MOSEKETEERS guessin youve already chosen one i’ve just bought this guitar
    and deeply regret it not because its a bad guitar or anythin like that its
    really good smooth and comfortable to play but you really should just keep
    a look out for a second hand guitar and youll be able to get somethin twice
    as good for the same price or cheaper do a bit of research look for demos
    and stuff like that

  6. The headstock on Ep’s are so dang ugly! Like some kind of european oldmans
    design! Change it! NOW, lol…..(snicker) please dont ban me, im

  7. Stunning cleans. I’m really tempted by these guitars, though it sounds a
    little muddy when it’s overdriven. Subtitle Text Here

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