Blind Acoustic Guitar Test Martin VS Ovation VS Ibanez ANSWERS

Here are the answers from this previous video: The answers are at the 10 minute mark. Drop By My Site For FREE Les…
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The guitars featured in the video are: Ovation Celebrity CC24-6PH Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Pearl White, Ovation 1778TX Elite T Cutaway Acoustic Electric Gu…
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31 thoughts on “Blind Acoustic Guitar Test Martin VS Ovation VS Ibanez ANSWERS

  1. I can’t believe I got it right. I’ve had a few acoustics during my life and
    currently own the Ovation Celebrity which is not great but okay. Of the
    three guitars you’ve picked; Ibanez, Martin, and Ovation, I have to say the
    best one would be Ibanez. It sounded cleaner though heavy on resonance, the
    Martin sounded cheap, and Ovation had a lot of overtones which I found
    distracting. Another issue of the Ovation which I also have a problem with
    is fretboard buzzing so I’m gonna have the intonation checked on mine and
    maybe have bridge replaced. I still can’t believe I got this little test

  2. Love these blind tests
    Shows that paying 3 to 10 times as much $ just ain’t worth it tone-wise –
    though materials and playability are way up on my personal priorities with
    geetars. ;)

  3. Your hair looks lustrous and beautiful in this video. I scour the internet
    for cheap Peavey Predators because of your advice, so thank you. Tired of
    spending 2200 on standards that sound marginally better than some of the
    products being produced on the low end, price-wise. 

  4. Funny, I like the Ibanez best because of the clarity. Martin was a bit too
    fuzzy in the middle and the Ovation I thought wasn’t dynamic enough
    compared to the Ibanez.

  5. mr. Grove, I enjoy your videos and have learned much valuble information
    from you, even though I sometimes disagree with your ideas. anyway, I’m
    wondering what you think of the older (1979) Ibanez Concord acoustic
    guitars? I’ve played Martins, Fenders, Washburns, Ovations, Takamines
    etc… but the Concord was the best sounding, and playability wise best by
    far. (in my humble opinion.)

  6. Scott that was a great comparison..I prefer the Ovation actually it’s my
    favorite since Nancy Wilson played one in the seventies…of course the
    Adamas ones…thx again I enjoyed it immensely..

  7. I liked 3 for the heavier bass and richness. I swore i was gonna pick the
    Martin since they are always amazing but too rich for my blood

  8. It’ll be so cool to do this with many people. Something like what happened
    when the Chateau Montalena California wine won the blind wine tasting done
    by the french. A blind tasting for guitars. Even more cool if it happened
    at a place like NAMM. Same goes for drums and cymbals.


  9. wow – loved the third one and it turned out to be my fav – the Ovation! So
    many say Ovations are crap – but I love that sound …

  10. hi all, i think i own a martin and ovation. No doubt that martin has strong
    bass and ‘transparent’ feeling through the woods. I feel ovation is great
    in balancing from bass to treble. sometimes when i strum martin, i feel
    like overwhelmed because the sustaining is too good even excessive i
    think. i agree that ppl say ovation has good balancing clarity. ibanez has
    great clarity too, but the clarity is too ‘hard’ , not gentle , too clear.

  11. i guessed right. Martin was my favourite in the test but i was looking to
    buy an ovation :( good test tho. I think if i couldn’t have heard the
    distortion on the ovation i would have prefered that. Guess it was that
    much louder! cheers man ;)

  12. I didn’t like the first one at all. I’m thinking 1: Ibanez. 2: Ovation. 3:
    Martin. I liked 2 the best.

  13. I didn’t buy my Ovation from Amazon, but I LOVE mine! I am not a really
    great guitar player, but it fulfills my every need. The sound quality is
    incredible, both plugged into an amp and not. The built in tuner makes it
    really handy and I don’t have to worry about carrying one around. I love
    this guitar more than I love my car. It’s awesome. here is the link to it
    in case anyone is interested:amzn.to18nofdQ

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