Applause by Ovation AE28 Summit Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Black) Reviews

Applause by Ovation AE28 Summit Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Black)


Applause by Ovation AE28 Summit Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Black)

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One thought on “Applause by Ovation AE28 Summit Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Black) Reviews

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    Great for the money, August 24, 2013

    This review is from: Applause by Ovation AE28 Summit Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Black)
    I bought this guitar used with old strings on it – even when I was checking it out it sounded good with the old steel strings. I was able to listen to it acoustically and amplified through a clean channel, and was quite impressed with the sound for this price range guitar. I can remember playing the original Kaman Ovations in the 1970s when the local music stores started carrying them and always wanted one, so I took the plunge and took the pretty little HoneyBurst model home. Contrary to what the manufacturer will tell you, this guitar has a piezo pickup and will play just fine with nylon strings, and after 40 years of playing various styles, string sets, and many, many different guitars, I have become quite attached to the La Bella Folk Singer strings for smaller acoustic guitars. Installing a new set on the Applause AE28 accomplished three things for me:

    1) The slightly thicker strings lowered the action just a hair, but enough to provide very pleasant playability.
    2) The bass response became far more noticeable and really balanced the overall sound nicely.
    3) The cutaway portion of the neck actually became quite a bit more useable for soft jazz leads.

    As to other technical considerations, the tuning gears are adequate and the guitar tends to stay in tune well with either set of strings, there are no fret buzzes, and no intonation issues. The neck is buttery smooth and playing lead is simple at any fret, even with the thicker nylon strings. By the way, the bridge is a string-through type and so ball end or tied on strings work equally well (and I learned long ago to tie the LaBellas on, the plastic balls on the treble strings don’t hold up). The finish is gorgeous and deeply shined, the Mother of Pearl rosette is bold but not overdone, the metal hardware shows no signs of tarnish, and the strap buttons are placed well and solid. The preamp is a bit passive, and has pretty much an “all or nothing” treble control (present with both sets of strings). I keep it way down and adjust for the sound I want at the amp/effects box. The narrow neck, while fast and easy for general purpose lead and chording, does require some care with finger placement for more difficult styles as string interference can be an issue, this can be aggravated by playing strapless, as the rounded back tends to tilt the guitar upwards, lowering one’s finger angle relative to the strings. Simple solution for you Arlo types, wear a close fitting strap and play more carefully.

    Lastly, consider the price point; the Applause line of guitars can be had new for as little as a buck fifty, and with four decades plus of buying and playing experience I can state emphatically that you will not find a better sounding, more reliable acoustic electric guitar in the sub-250 price range. Perhaps this comes across as merely my opinion, but allowing for my nearly half a century of data collection, the opinion is at least empirically sound. The “3” rating reflects the price point as well, this is a hugely inexpensive guitar and does not include features or build quality found on higher end models; but you can purchase this little guitar with confidence, although I would suggest (as with any guitar) that you play one somewhere first before buying one to make sure it suits you.


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