Andy Summers on the Police: 'We Were the Most Desirable Men in

Andy Summers on the Police: 'We Were the Most Desirable Men in
He was very soft and shy, actually, and then I walked out of the studio and Mitch [Mitchell, Hendrix's drummer] was there, and there was a guitar but for some reason, there was a right-handed guitar. Of course, he played the other way. So I pick up the …

The Instrument That's the Key to Electronic Music's Future
Like a guitar, fingering patterns and chord shapes are identical, regardless of key. It's also possible to time-stretch staccatos and crescendos or pitch-shift notes by bending them like Silly Putty. A musician can even make two notes go in …
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Jam sessions open to musicians, audience
Griffin said it's OK if musicians only know how to play a couple of chords and only have a song or two that they wish to lead. Musicians with more experience share their knowledge to give advice and help to those … Although so far the sessions have …
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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2015: Bill Withers considers
PD: From the C chord that kicks it off, "Lean On Me'' is one of the most memorable riffs ever written. EVERYBODY could play it back then. Can you tell … PD: You play guitar and piano. I've talked to artists who tell me different instruments "sing …

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