Ana Vidovic, guitar – Serenata del Mar

Ana Vidovic performing ‘Serenata del Mar’ at Zuidlaren Guitar Festival in 2009 ~ *** Lì sul ciglio, assorta nel silenzio, ascolto il canto delle onde… e …
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About the 10-string guitar as designed by Yepes: http://www.tenstringguitar.INFO Standard tuning of the modern ten-string guitar (afinación estándar de la gu…
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42 thoughts on “Ana Vidovic, guitar – Serenata del Mar

  1. If I hadn’t looked at the screen I would have guessed a balalaika and a
    piano was playing instead of a single guitar. Truly impressive!

  2. Great piece of music – great guitarist. Has something in common with
    Recuerdos de la Alhambra – which she also plays well. All you critics and
    know-it-alls out there are just envious that you cannot even begin to play
    as well as she can – and all you music lovers with praises and accolades –
    bravo and compliments on your excellent taste!.

  3. Put a woman in a low cut dress and stick a guitar in her hand…….(even
    though shes good,,,,well I`ll say ok) and bingo you have 2 million views.

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  5. She is one of the cleanest players I’ve ever heard! Her tone and musicality
    is top notch as well. Very well done!

  6. During a tropical sunset in April of 2007, on the island of Long Boat Key
    in Florida, I attended a guitar recital in a intimate setting so close to
    the sea, one could hear the waves in the background. Captivated and
    inspired, by both the setting and the performance, I wrote “Serenata Del
    Mar” which is dedicated to the exceptionally gifted guitarist Ana Vidovic.
    Rex Willis – Bradenton, Florida – 2008

  7. To be a great Master like Narciso Yepes, it takes a lot more than love,
    dedication, innovation and hard work, to start with. Most people are not
    familiar with these terms today, in this case music being the victim…

  8. A 1982 review of Narciso Yepes performing at Carnegie Hall:

    Guitar concerts in Carnegie Hall can be a frustrating affair. Narciso Yepes
    brought his 10-string invention there last Thursday, and suddenly it was
    not a problem hearing that instrument in that space.

    His guitar fills the hall with sound. The musician who plucks it is one of
    the finest in the world today. The second half of the program was devoted
    entirely to 20th-century works, an intriguing survey of music – for an
    apparently limited instrument – that was at once engrossing yet
    challenging. Of greatest interest were Eduardo Sainz de la Maza’s
    ”Laberinto,” with its jazzy undercurrent, and Leonardo Balada’s supremely
    virtuosic, exciting ”Analogias.”

    Mr. Yepes, who appears to be not much larger than his oversize instrument,
    is a selfless musician, putting the music before his personality in what
    could serve as the ideal of any performing artist but so rarely is. One
    left his recital stimulated and elated, with nary a thought as to the
    potential limitations of the instrument, dynamically or musically.

  9. Can anyone enlighten me on the history of the 10 string guitar? Is at a
    direct ancestor of the romantic guitar, or a hybrid from the Lute family of
    instruments? :-)

  10. Please! Inform if you know there are many people in the world who play this
    instrument? It is very beautiful, and always perocupo me with the
    disappearance of good sound kk

  11. Look at all of those strings! Very relaxing song for a beautiful morning!!
    Narciso Yepes on the 10 String Classical Guitar (1979).
    Classical Guitar Recital | Narciso YEPES (1979) | 10 String Guitar | ten
    string guitar music

  12. To me, this is very good. I can appreciate all of the work put into the
    ten-string and all of the nuances it adds to the music, and Yepes technique
    is immaculate. I just feel sometimes it needs a little more feeling, that
    magic “spark” idk if you know what I mean, Im being kind of vague…. And i
    have never much been a huge fan of his tone. Im not sure why, it just has
    never had that warm, round quality to me that I like to associate with a
    beautifully sculpted guitar and finely shaped nails. :) Just my two cents
    on why i wouldnt consider Yepes the “best”, although certainly better than
    I! And most definitely was and always will be one of the great masters. :’)

  13. I hope people realise the reason for the ten-string; it is to create richer
    tones, and to use vibrato in lower notes which you would not be able to
    create with a six-string. It required a lot of work to transpose the music
    to ten-string, but, regardless, Narcisco produced far more expression than
    most. His playing has always moved me more than any other classical/Spanish
    guitarist. To me. he is the best.

  14. Yepes is an old favorite of mine – since I began the study of the classical
    guitar in the early 1970s. Yepes spent his career in Segovia’s shadow, who
    as you might expect, did not accept the validity of the 10 string guitar.
    Yepes played “second filddle” to Segovia on the concert stage, perhaps
    unfairly, but undeniably. Listening to this performance reminds me how
    selfless and unaffected his playing was, in contrast to Maestro Segovia,
    who, as great as he was, allowed his personality and musical affectations
    eclipse the instrument and the music itself, which is really what it is all

  15. does anybody know when i can get the music to the intro suite for 11 course
    baroque lute? any help would be amazing,

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