“All of Me” – John Legend EASY Guitar Tutorial/Chords & GIVEAWAY! [OPEN]

EASY Guitar Tutorial/Chords & GIVEAWAY! [OPEN]" src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/FY1b4nhvhoQ/default.jpg" />

OPEN ME FOR A TIME GUIDE! 😀 00:54 how to play chords 02:57 strumming patterns 09:10 picking patterns 22:10 chord progressions 27:10 skype lesson giveaway! *…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on ““All of Me” – John Legend EASY Guitar Tutorial/Chords & GIVEAWAY! [OPEN]

  1. WOW.. very nice!! Very easy to follow and understand!! AWESOME JOB! LOOKING

  2. my “all of me” tutorial is now posted for anyone who would like to learn
    this beautiful song. :) [also – i have new lighting now! can you tell?]

  3. I like this because it snazzes the song up. Sounds much more intricate with
    the picking patterns since the chords are pretty basic <3

  4. Great job on this tutorial. Really easy to follow. Nice voice, too! I
    just subscribed to your channel. Could you please do a tutorial of Melissa
    Polinar’s “Meant To Be?” Thanks.

  5. Holy crap…..this video was AMAZING! First, very well taught….not too
    slow or fast, but a good speed…..awesome video/sound work, crisp and
    clear….and overall the production really made it shine! Girl, you are
    AWESOME! #timetosubscribe!

  6. you’re really awesome!! i can now finally play this… 😀
    anyway, would you mind making a tutorial for come back home of 2ne1
    (unplugged version)??? pretty please??? :D

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