Acoustic Guitar Lesson | Scott Grove Ovation Winner

Acoustic Guitar Lesson #34 of 147 by Ovation Guitars. Scott Grove plays his brand new Ovation Celebrity Deluxe CC44-5.…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a review with a sample of what the Ovation Celebrity Koa CK 047 Acoustic guitar sounds like with various strumming progressions. I think that this is…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

33 thoughts on “Acoustic Guitar Lesson | Scott Grove Ovation Winner

  1. This is a beautiful Guitar! Congratulations, you deserve it♪♫♪♥
    Just looking for an Ovation and found you:) So cool!!! Rock on♥

  2. Just glad that you found your way through this…obviously you have the
    love of playing music. So congrats man!

  3. Congrats Man, you clearly deserve it. You seem to be a great guy. Enjoy
    your new found friend, play him to death!!

  4. Better than I expected. Really good sound and playabiltiy. I had always
    heard about Ovation guitars, and this is my first one, Very pleased so far
    ! here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to166dXTq

  5. Sweet!!! Just Bought that Guitar & Having It Custom Painted As A Vince Neil
    Replica By @Jesse’s Custom Design, Who Paints Vince Neil & Nikki Sixx’s!!!

  6. He will just sell it.Thats what he does.He sells guitars for top price.No
    deals with this guy.I thought I was friends with him,But he is a horrible
    little man.He just looks for reasons to cut you down.He is one of those
    “Know it All”type of person to the extreme!And dont try to have a debate
    with him.He will totally loose it on you.I guess it has to do with his
    extremly religous wife.Been taught to judge things as right or wrong
    period.Then blocks you if you dont agree.Just go ask him something.

  7. Lyrachord is not plastic… lyramold is.. lyrachord is some weird glass
    fiber thing that no one really knows what really is but it is not plastic.

  8. A pleasant surprise! An actual guitar review vid where someone pulls in a
    decent condenser mike instead of relying on the camera mike! I simply can’t
    believe how many lazy youtube guitar reviewers (thousands) rely solely on
    the crappy camera mike to represent the sound of the guitar, not to mention
    the entire premise of their review. Also, an honest review of an Ovation
    acoustically (on a condenser) is always refreshing. Thumbs up!

  9. I like to change the tuning pegs too. I like the ones on that guitar and
    they fit the original peg holes? Please inform me what tuning pegs are
    used. Brand and dimensions. Thanks!

  10. Hi, you mentioned in the comment (can’t find reply button) that your friend
    has the pickup changed. May I get more info on this? I also would like to
    change the pickup to something more natural sounding, or maybe I’ll just
    add another, but leave the original one so I can have both of em, or blend,
    etc. I need more research of suitable pickup/preamp though

  11. I believe all the korean made Ovations use laminate. The American made
    Ovations use single layer of sitka spruce and other woods. You can tell by
    the price. I have two American made ovations. They are worth $ 5000. each.
    Both of mine are acoustic only with no electronics. The sound they produce
    makes the korean made Ovations sound like a cigar box. Expect to pay $3000
    on up for the American made Ovation Models.

  12. @DeadBlackDistortion It is a good guitar for playing live or recording in
    my opinion. But it is not by any means boomy or loud acoustically

  13. The chords you play in the beginning, are they used in a song you know…
    of not I would like to use them! :)

  14. How good is this guitar for fingerpicking? I don’t usually fingerpick so
    it’s not that important.

  15. LMAO you are right my friend. How about 1 Pro Takamine model, and a Limited
    Edition Koa Taylor, and an Ovation Balladeer. All for under 5k. And they
    all DO have pickup systems…

  16. Ovations are sweet!!! I use one for my videos, there really nice for
    acoustic blues playing however I’ve done some nice finger style stuff with
    them to great guitar!

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